Need More TripAdvisor Reviews?

Does your business need more TripAdvisor Reviews?

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As you know, getting reviews on TripAdvisor these days is a big deal. It’s almost the equivalent of having a website which ranks high in an online search giant such as Google or Facebook.

TripAdvisor will sort al the data in their database using an algorithm that looks at a few different aspects,

  1. The location of your business
  2. The number of reviews your business has
  3. The quality of the reviews

It is absolutely imperative that you keep on growing both the quantity as well as the quality of your online reviews if you are looking to be found by local people in your area.

Even people from far away, might be searching for bars, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants and local eateries within a different area and if your business doesn’t feature they will never find you, let alone visit your business.

Buzz WiFi has established a system that works great for doing just that. You will need to provide free WiFi but every business owner who is serious about their business already understand that concept. This is not geared towards why giving free WiFi is important, there are plenty of great resources around the internet on that.

How does our system work? 

In short, Buzz WiFi overlay on top of your existing (WiFi) infrastructure and grant customers the opportunity to log in, using their favourite social media platform, or email address or phone number. When they log in, you as the business owner add them to your forever growing database. We can now also detect when they logged off of the Wifi and can set a reminder to go off sometime in the future to send out a pre-populated TripAdvisor link to their smartphone requesting to leave you a review.

This will not happen each time a customer leaves your business. It can all be customised to your own preference. Example: once and never again, 4 hours after the customer left your business., 2 days later. 5 days after each visit. Etc.

The video below will explain how the service works and why it’s important for your business to have a system that does all of this on autopilot for you,

Having this process automated is an absolute must if you are looking to dominate the local competition within your area.

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Buzz Social Wifi

wifi marketing buzz wif

Why your business needs Buzz Social wifi

It is no secret anymore that businesses offering free wifi attract more customers to their locations. Stats indicate that in our modern society customers no longer simply enjoy free wifi when in public, but started to expect it and up to 10% of visitors will leave if the business owner is not offering free wifi.

Wifi has become part of our daily lives today and as mentioned above, no longer a luxury to have, but a necessity. Most people can not get through 24 hours without checking their emails, downloading content, uploading documents or making data calls.

during 2018 reports has shown that the number of new cell phone contacts who choose higher data packages has surpassed the contracts requiring many calling minutes. 10 Years ago, when taking out a cell phone contract, the emphasis will be on getting as many minutes as your budget will allow and the extra data which comes with the package is a nice to have but not essential. That stat has officially been reversed in 2018. Customers taking out contracts now look for the most data they can get and if they get some free minutes on top of that, well that is just a nice to have little extra.

Because data is still fairly expensive, especially mobile data, customers look at every opportunity they can get to join free wifi, merely to save on their own mobile data. They will join their own home network’s wifi when at home, when at friends of family hey will typically ask whether they can join the wifi, at the office, most companies offer wifi to their staff and when out and about, retail, shopping malls, car washes, salons and restaurant owners will also typically offer this service as a courtesy to their customers to keep them entertained while on the premises.

Offering free wifi has proven to make customers spend more time in your location, happier customers and tend to leave more positive reviews as they typically have those 5 minutes spare to do so.

Reviews are becoming more and more important to driving traffic to your store.

These days more and more people will look at your review rating score, before they make a decision whether they should visit your store or do business with you.

Seach engine giants such as Google and Facebook have also altered their search algorithms to put way more emphasis on reviews as to how high they sort you n their search results.

Buzz Wifi offers a technology where we layer over your existing free wifi asking customers to login through social media so that we retain and sort that information for you and automatically build out your customer database on a daily basis.

The benefit of this service is that you now have a well organised customer data base which you can use to automate your marketing.

We use smart automation technology that will obtain valuable info such as user’s full name, email address, phone number, age, birthday and gender so that the system can automatically send out a birthday reminder with birthday wishes and a birthday gift such as “Hey Danny, congratulations in advance,(Business Name) would like to wish you a happy birthday in advance and thank you for being a loyal customer. Attached is a little birthday gift from us (2 for 1 meal – valid for 14 days till after your birthday). Bring some friends over and come celebrate your birthday with us. Looking forward to sharing your special day with you, Regards, (Business Name).”

Above is just one of many ways in how we can help you automate your marketing process.

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Wifi Marketing South Africa

 Wifi Marketing South Africa

Why Wifi Marketing in South Africa is busy exploding…

The reason is quite simple, up till recently there has been no effective way to monetise Free WIFI. Business owners simply give away free WIFI and get absolutely nothing in return.  Buzz Wifi realised that there is something missing here, that this problem can easily be fixed and with our years of coding and developing skills, we designed the perfect solution to the free WIFI problem.

 Wifi Marketing South Africa

What if there was a way that business owners can find a way to capture data from their valued customers? Like before they join the Free Wifi, a splash screen pops up and prompt customers to login using their favourite social media company?

Buzz Wifi found a way where visitors can now log in to a free wifi hotspot using anyone of their favourite social media accounts. This has proven to be a win-win for everyone. Business owners now have much clearer data over who their clientele is, how often they visit, grow customer satisfaction easily through a range of services such as loyalty programs, offering clients incentives in return for frequent visits and much more.

Business owners can now have an open, direct and non-intrusive communication channel between owner and customers. Survey them, ask them what they do not like, or what they would rather prefer.

Data such as birthdays can now easily be collected, birthday messages and discount offers can be sent out to strengthen the owner / customer relationship.

These are just a few ways in how the customer can benefit from this revolutionary breakthrough, cutting-edge technology.

Buzz Wifi can also supply a business owner with monthly reports, indicating how many visitors / customers were added to their new database. We measure new VS returning customers.

This alone is a metric any business owners should keep track of, especially if they are serious about the longevity of their brand and business.

Send a message out directly to the mobile phone of the customer, asking them what they enjoyed about their last store visit.

Pick up on complaints, quickly and rectify them instead of losing a customer. In most cases, it is more important to receive a complaint you can fix opposed to a great review.

Fixing broken relationships with customers is key in any business and through Buzz Wifi’s state of the art direct communication strategies, it is now possible to pick up early on those broken relationships and mend them quickly.


Check out this quick 1-minute explainer video which will give you a far more in-depth

understanding of exactly how Buzz Wifi Marketing work: